We want to thank everyone who came to the Women’s Self-Defence Workshop, held on Sunday 12th July at London Fields Fitness Studio, Hackney, London. We had such a great time, we hope you did to. Everyone worked very hard, was focussed and trained with a really great attitude.

    This Workshop was a fun day, which allowed women to train in a non-threatening environment. We covered basic self-defence techniques using Escrima Concepts. Throughout the session, we looked at: how everyday objects can be used as weapons if needed; thinking about safety zones and ranges; giving yourself permission to fight back and not be a victim: fighting back against larger opponents; as well as looking at some of the myths of self-defence.

    We had a great bunch of students who we now hope will be more confident in any situations that they may find themselves in. www.urbanescrima.com www.escrimaconcepts.com


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