January 7, 2013

Interview with an Urban Escrima Student – Asako

by Urban Escrima Charlie UE in Student Interviews

We were really pleased to be able to ask Asako some questions about her training with us, enjoy the read.

Please introduce yourself, who are you? where are you from? and what do you do?
I am Asako, from Japan, I work for a dance company doing the door and so I dance modern Jive, I am also an artist, a seamstress and now I think I can call myself a bit of a martial artist too.

How long have you been training with Urban Escrima?
I have been training about 4 months and a bit.

Have you done any martial arts before?  And what attracted you to train in Escrima Concepts?
I had no experience and much knowledge about martial arts before. All I was looking for was a sort of exercise routine to give me a good workout on regular basis, then I came across this web site and thought “learning self-defence” would be a good idea on the top of just a “workout”, it was more of a self mortivation, really. After a few sessions though, I begun to feel that I was doing something unique which I’d never known before. I like the way it lets you move your arms, legs and abs to keep balance and the idea of “space”; it really is a whole body workout, and the fact that I dance seems to work for me. They are  NOT the same activities but there are some similarities in terms of understanding balance and coordinations and because of that, the transition from dance to Escrima has been smoother than I thought it could be, if not easier, and it is NOT easy, it’s been challenging and I like that! To me it is beacoming more than ” just learning self defence”. And behind of all this practice I also find it curious how Escrima Concepts can apply to contemporary life we live in now. Once I understand the idea of “extension of the body” it’s really opened my mind that this martial art is versatile. I am a believer in that any worlds/ fields should be updated according to generations so I do find Escrima Concepts very inspiring.

What things do you most enjoy training at Urban Escrima?
I am surprised to find that I enjoy learning sticks but I think by being a small female it may be natural and I feel even empowering to be able to use  weapons /  sorts of extension of the body. It’s really cool and makes me keep daydreaming of being in movies like “Seven Samurais” or “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragons”…………

What do you feel is the most important thing you have learned at Urban Escrima?
I am enjoying every step and I am still learning but if I have to point out one thing, it is a fact that I am now used to “the energy” of someone trying to attack me. Maybe because I am not from martial arts/ combat based training background and I remember I was rather overwelmed by encountering that energy on the first training day. I can say that I learn to accept that energy thus I am more aware and alert when I do the door or walking down the street at night for example. It may be just a mentality but a very valuable thing to learn, so I can do something about it if I must. It is a state of mind which you have to be trained to gain, I suppose.

What would you say to someone thinking of coming down to train at Urban Escrima?
Come along and just try, you may like it or may not but expect a good sweaty 1 hour.

What does crashing in mean and why would you do that?
Um…..I know I am doing it but I can’t quite yet put it into words so I have to go back to the gym to ask my instructors but I don’t think they will be very impressed about that……..

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  1. Lola
    January 7, 2013 at 8:39 PM

    Great interview. Really makes me feel like taking up Escrima training. What is crashing in by the way?

    1. Urban Escrima
      January 7, 2013 at 9:06 PM

      Hi Lola, you are welcome to come down to a session sometime, first session is free so come down and see what you think. “Crashing in” is an Escrima term, it basically means that if you do not have an option to run away, or move, you have to “crash in” with energy.

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