February 11, 2013

Interview with An Urban Escrima Student – Matthew

by Urban Escrima Charlie UE in self defence, Student Interviews

The first of our New Year Student Interviews is with Matthew. Having only been training with us for just a few months, Matthew has already progressed extremely quickly with his self defence training. This is partly due to him hardly missing a training session since becoming a member. Well done Matt 🙂

Please introduce yourself, who are you and what do you do?
Hi my Name is Matt. I’m your typical average guy, I enjoy socialising with my mates, traveling, movies, gaming & reading the odd book or two. I’m known for be being a quiet, bit competitive, spontaneous & up for trying most things. I’m currently working in Construction as a site Supervisor, my job involves a lot of driving around & is not very physical, I started to feel unhappy with my fitness & wanted to start doing Martial Arts again.

What martial arts experience have you had previously? If none, what first attracted you to Escrima?
Throughout the years I have tried various types of Kung Fu which I enjoyed but found certain aspects of the styles not practical or unusable in today’s world, I also tried Muay Thai, which I thoroughly enjoyed to keep fit & as a competitive sport, but something felt like it was missing, I wanted to learn how to defend myself against weapons & also how to use them so, I did some research in weapons based martial arts & found Escrima.

How long have you been training in Escrima Concepts and what grade are you?
I’ve been attending Urban Esrcima’s sessions for three months & have completed my first grade.

What is the one thing you most enjoy about Escrima Concepts?
What I really enjoy about the sessions are they are very friendly, dynamic & every session you learn something new & effective to defend yourself.

You recently attended an Escrima Concepts Seminar, how was that?
I recently attended my first Escrima Concepts seminar in London with students from all over Europe; it was a huge eye opener to see how effective this art is & to train with people of different grades & nationalities.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of coming to train?
For anyone of thinking about coming down to train be prepared to leave wanting more.