February 22, 2013

Urban Escrima Martial Arts Classes in London

by Urban Escrima Charlie UE in Martial Arts

Are you interested in learning a dynamic and fun Martial Art? Urban Escrima teaches REAL Martial Arts Self Defence classes in London.

We aim to provide the best possible Martial Arts training in London to our students, to better enable them to protect themselves in any confrontations or violent situations which may arise. 

With our focus on REAL Martial Arts and self defence, we have developed a dynamic and fun training environment in which everyone can learn at their own pace, while remaining focussed on why we are all there – self defence!

We are one of the main providers of Escrima Concepts in the UK. For further information on Escrima Concepts check out: www.escrimaconcepts.com and www.facebook.com/escrimaconcepts.

For further information on our self defence classes, please contact us on: info@urbanescrima.com or visit our website at:https://www.urbanescrima.com