March 13, 2013

Interview with an Urban Escrima Student – Mark

by Urban Escrima Charlie UE in Student Interviews

We are pleased to bring you the latest of our Urban Escrima Student Interviews. Mark is a great student to have as he always pushes himself and everyone else during training; thanks for the Interview Mark!

Please introduce yourself, who are you and what do you do?
My name is Mark, and I work with the education sector.

What martial arts experience have you had previously and do you currently train in any other martial art/self-defence?
I studied a Chinese martial art for a number of years (Wu Shu Kwan) and did a small amount of boxing. Currently Escrima Concepts is my main focus.

How long have you been training in Escrima Concepts and what grade are you?
I have only been training just after the Olympics and I was awarded my first grade just before Christmas.

What first attracted you to Escrima Concepts and how does Escrima differ to what you have done before?
I loved watching martial arts films, particularly when they used weapons such as sticks, long or short. Although, I have used long sticks before. What is brilliant is the fact that you can defend yourself unarmed or even with a rolled up newspaper or a pen… out for those who do crosswords….lol. Escrima is different because there are no really fancy kicks (well not at my grade) and there is an instant response, there is no time wasted before executing your response, it is not dependent on brute strength, and there is no fixed pattern of attack so the element of surprise is always fresh! Also each attack is realistic so you have to respond and you’d be surprised at how effective your response will be!

What is the one thing you most enjoy about Escrima?
That is a difficult question ……I think the people I have met have been so friendly, Nigel and Charlie are very patient instructors and explain things in an easy way, with real life examples. They are decent down to earth guys full stop. The ¬†other members are also so friendly and it is a good atmosphere.

You recently attended an Escrima Concepts Seminar, how was that? And what are the main things which you took away from the weekend?
The seminar blew my mind away. The seniors made me want to train harder just by watching them. The main thing is just how effective Escrima Concepts is armed or unarmed; the fact you can not tell where the attack is coming from but you sure know about it!

What advice would you give to someone thinking of coming to train?
My advice is do it. It doesn’t matter about your ability, age, sex or past experience, you will soon increase your skills, plus there are great people in our class who are very supportive!