September 25, 2013

Interview with an Urban Escrima Practitioner – Will

by Urban Escrima Charlie UE in self defence

We are very pleased to be able to ask Will some questions about his training with Urban Escrima. Enjoy!

Please introduce yourself, who are you and what do you do?
Hi, I’m Will, I’m 35 and work as an IT Consultant

What martial arts experience have you had previously and do you currently train in any other martial art/self-defence?
I have experience in MMA and thai boxing.  I’m currently learning Sanshou.

How long have you been training in Escrima Concepts and what grade are you?
I’ve been training for 3 months and have not been graded yet.

What first attracted you to Escrima Concepts and how does Escrima differ to what you have done before?
I was attracted to Escrima Concepts as it is tailored to an urban environment and is a great practical form of self defence. The focus on training with weapons from beginner makes this different to a lot of other training I’ve been involved in.

What is the one thing you most enjoy about Escrima Concepts?
I really enjoy mixing different weapon types with unarmed.  This keeps the training really interesting and helps quickly build confidence for dealing with an armed threat.

You recently attended the Urban Escrima Environmental Awareness Seminar, how did you find that? What did you learn / enjoy from the day?
The seminar was great for building on skills and further exploring the application of escrima in real world situations. The street training parts of the day and genuine suprise attacks were really enjoyable and helped to put the training in the context of real and dangerous scenarios.

Why do we teach ‘Concepts’ as opposed to techniques?
For a flexible application of the skills developed when confronted with a real threat and the many different variables that situation could present.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of coming to train?
If you’re looking for a really practical martial art, great instructors, and want to quickly build confidence in dealing with armed and unarmed threats in the urban environment, come and get involved!