November 10, 2013

Urban Escrima in Warsaw, Poland!

by Urban Escrima Charlie UE in self defence

We are back from our travels. Warsaw, proved to be a great city to hold such an exciting and diverse event. The event, rather than being just another ‘martial arts seminar’

combined a holistic approach to health and fitness. The first part of the day consisted of the training seminar. There were around 20-25 people throughout the day, with 2 self defence groups teaching, Never Unarmed (Hapkido / Doce Pares Escrima) – based in London / Warsaw, led by Tomasz Danielewicz and Urban Escrima. Urban Escrima and Never Unarmed complemented each other in that Never Unarmed focussed on more close range and controlling techniques, while Urban Escrima explored movement, balance and positioning and used a variety of weapons, such as knives, sticks and mobile phones. Students enjoyed 6 hours of hard training, everyone trained to a very high standard and got a lot out of the day, well done all!

After the seminar, Urban Escrima and Never Unarmed were invited to speak on a panel regarding self defence, training, diet, nutrition and supplementation, taking place at a veggie/vegan cafe in the heart of the city. There were around 70-80 people, showing lots of interest in our self defence training and also asked questions about our diets and nutritional views. This was a really insightful and inspiring part of the day and rounded off what was a great weekend.

We want to thank everyone who was involved in setting up this seminar, gave us a place to stay, fed us and made us very welcome. Thank you.
Never Unarmed