February 3, 2014

Escrima Concepts London Seminar

by Urban Escrima Charlie UE in Self Defence

The Escrima Concepts London seminar took place from Friday 31st January – Sunday 2nd February. The seminar was hosted by Big Paul Leslie (4th TG) from Escrima Concepts London with GM Steve Tappin and Wayne Tappin (4th TG) conducting the seminar. Students also had the privilege of having in attendance GM Brian Jones and Master Ricky Crofts from www.integratedkuntao.com. GM Brian Jones was one of the first people to bring Escrima to the UK way back in the 70’s and it was great to see him still so active and engaging – bearing in mind his age. The seminar had an international flavour with students and Instructors from the UK, Sweden, Holland and Germany.

Over the three days the seminar covered unarmed attacks against weapons, the reality of knife awareness, destroying the myths of weapon defence, grade work, staff training, machete training, palm stick training, locks and control techniques and defending against multiple attackers.

The seminar was hard, fun and challenging and having such great Instructors there made it all the more special.