February 26, 2014

Martial Arts training with Weapons – GM Steve Tappin

by Urban Escrima Charlie UE in krav maga london, martial arts, self defence

Training with weapons is something which we take very seriously and we get easily offended when we see so-called reality based self-defence systems teaching incorrect and dangerous weapon defence. Grandmaster Steve Tappin, the founder of the system which we teach, Escrima Concepts, recently made a blog post about this – we wish to repost that here as we couldn’t agree more!

Grandmaster Steve Tappin Weapon training RANT pt 1!

I’ve been watching a few weapon videos again and I’m seeing some very strange and stupid movements with modern and ancient weapons.
These people think that just flowing their body is the secret but they do not take into consideration body and weapons working together with a purpose. The do not think about sustaining their attacks or how to disengage and deal with interference strikes etc.
There so called flow is either linear or static with some bobbing and weaving. No sense of positioning, no decent footwork, no hand and foot coordination and no understanding that an axe and a sword or adding companion weapons have different skill sets and strategies!
It’s like a one size fits all option using the same flow regardless of the obvious differences of weapons. These people would use a screw driver as a hammer if it fit with their flow. At least have the knowledge that if you have forms with flow then have a form that compliments the weapons not get 10 different weapons to repeat a form that looks like it is designed for unarmed flowing which would still be wrong. These people were taught bad so filled in their own gaps and made it worse. Now they are masters but are teaching and training wrong and only speeding up their students death or wasting their income and leisure time. They cannot even differentiate between impact and edged weapons! They use long and short swords, knives, axes, tonfa, sticks and shields and other aids as identical weapons. The tonfa has no power nor coordination, flowing on the spot will not stop you being stabbed or cut and throwing axes out without understanding how it can drag you if you don’t recover or gather-in the energy will put you at a disadvantage. The lowest form of amateurs acting like legends to build monuments to themselves to satisfy their egos at the detriment of their art and students!

I highlight only a few of their mistakes as to discuss them all would take volumes – in short they should stop teaching and find a credible teacher and start again!

Rant over (for now ;-))!