March 3, 2014

Teaching Martial Arts and Self Defence – GM Steve Tappin

by Urban Escrima Charlie UE in Martial Arts

We want to share this blog post / text from GM Steve Tappin on teaching. This rings true for all those teaching martial arts and self defence.


How many instructors hear the following words from students and seminar participants????

“Yeah I know that” “I did it last time” “I’ve done it before” I’ve done something similar”

For all you people that say this the idea is not to have done it but to train and understand it then how do you build on it and how and why you teach it!

Most people who say this cannot do it because they look for the next technique or next grade before understanding and practicing what they have already been taught.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION we already know if you can do it by watching you and if we repeat it with you its because it needs more work. If we see how easy it is for you then we move you on!

FOR YOUR FURTHER INFORMATION many basics will be taught many times, as teachers we teach new people again and again and if we rush them through an exercise or system quickly because we are bored or want to get to the so-called best or fun part of a system then we water down the system and cheat the students.

When you bring your hard work based on training which may mean repetition and you do it well it will ensure we move you on.

BUT if you don’t show your best and want to move on then we as teachers will want the first part done correctly before moving to advanced levels.

Therefore, if you have done it before then it should look better than you are showing otherwise we would have already moved you to the next level.

Bring your best to get our best!

Rant over for now!