August 6, 2014

Knife Awareness seminar and grading!

by Urban Escrima Charlie UE in martial arts, self defence

Thank you to GM Steve Tappin and Wayne Tappin (4th TG) for delivering a fantastic seminar on Knife Awareness and Street mentality, today at Urban Escrima. The day covered a range of scenario based drills showing the reality of self-defence. Everyone worked really hard and learned lessons, which may save lives!

In addition to the seminar, students also went for their Escrima Concepts grades. Those who graded were:

Abid – 5th grade
Matthew 5th grade
Kristian 5th grade
Chris 5th grade
Cat 5th grade
Will 5th grade
Andrew 5th grade
Asako 4th & 5th grades
Ed 3rd grade
Aiden 1st & 2nd grades
Ida 1st and 2nd grades
Hamida 1st grade
Shona 1st grade
Olly 1st grade
Dave 1st grade

Well done all! All those grades were well deserved, but remember, it only gets harder from now on 🙂