October 7, 2015

Recent Grading Results

by Urban Escrima Charlie UE in Escrima History, Street Safety


A big thank you to GM Steve Tappin and Wayne Tappin (4th TG) for an amazing seminar and grading today. It was a really fun day with so much to take in, covering various aspects of controlling techniques. We will be testing your knowledge and seeing how much information you have retained in future classes, so be prepared!

We are also very pleased with everyone’s efforts for the assessments. All students done so well, showing a solid understanding of your grades and made your techniques work under a lot of stress and pressure, so well done all!

Those who passed their assessments today were:

Abid – 7th grade
Kristian – 7th grade
Ben – 7th grade
Nacho – 7th grade
Andrew – 7th grade
Matt – 7th grade
Cat – 7th grade
Chris 6th and 7th grade
Amy – 5th grade
Bjoern – 4th grade
Dave – 4th grade
Fred – 3rd grade
Nick – 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade
Al – 1st grade

No time to rest, everyone back to class on Tuesday, always moving forward, see you then!