June 30, 2016

Seminar and Grading results

by Urban Escrima Charlie UE in Escrima History, Martial Arts

We had a really great day with GM Steve Tappin and Wayne Tappin (4th TG). Everyone worked really hard and have the bruises to show for it 🙂 As always, there is lots of information to take in so try to remember as much as you can and then put it all into practice.

Big thanks to Escrima Concepts Norwich and Escrima SW London for coming down today and thanks to Sapan and London Fields Fitness Studio for the gym use, appreciated.

Importantly, a big shout out to all the students for making it such a fun day!

Well done to those who graded today, your grades a fully deserved.

Suave grade 6
Bjorn grade 5
Dave grade 5
Fred grade 4
Simon grade 4
Emilio grades 1,2,3
Nikki grades 1, 2
Celso grade 2
Serge grade 2
John grade 2
Zen grade 1
James grade 1
Greg grade 1