Urban Escrima Newsletter October 2012

Here is the latest issue of the Urban Escrima Newsletter. This newsletter will go out on a monthly basis. At the moment it is only 2 pages, however we hope to increase page numbers with the next few issues.

If there is anything that you would like us to discuss or talk about in future issues, please let us know.


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Interview with an Urban Escrima Student – Nacho

The latest instalment of our ‘Interview With a Student’ series, comes from the long time Urban Escrima student, Nacho. Over to you Nacho.

Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do?
My name is Nacho, I am 31 year old and I work as a chef in The Gallery Cafe, a vegetarian cafe in Bethnal Green . I love basketball and I am trying to learn as much as possible about bike mechanics in case I get tired of cooking.

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Interview with an Urban Escrima student – Amy

Welcome to the first of our monthly interviews with students at Urban Escrima. Rather than the instructors always talking we thought we would turn the tables and see what the students have to say, here goes.

Please introduce yourself, who are you and what do you do?
Hi, my name is Amy from Germany. I am a musician and I sing for a hardcore

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Defending Your Space

Martial Arts will get you killed! I was toying with this as a heading then opted for the ‘Defending your Space’ as, well, it’s a bit less dramatic. However, the intention of the original title is there although admittedly, taken to the extreme.Martial arts can be a good thing and can be a bad thing and as all trainers know, most of this depends on the instruction given rather than the art itself.

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Six tips to think about when walking home at night

Do you feel insecure when you are walking home at night? Have you thought about what you would do if something does happen to you? Most people do not think about personal safety until something happens to them and by then, it is too late.

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