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Grading and Seminar Report Back

Thank you to GM Steve Tappin and Wayne Tappin (4th TG) for an excellent, hard but fun seminar.

Thanks to all the Escrima Concepts clubs who came down to support the seminar, really appreciated.

Big congrats to all those who passed their grading yesterday:
Mark – grade 6
Ben – grade 6
Dave – grade 6
Stuart – grades 3/4
Aly – grade 4
Stephanie – grade 4
Patrick – grade 4
Max – grade 4
Soner – grade 3

You all worked hard so it’s well deserved, soo you all at the next class, no slacking! 🙂

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Roger Love talks to Nigel, one of Urban Escrima‘s senior instructors, who teaches a thoroughly modern martial art under the railway arches at London Fields

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What is your class and where does it take place?
We run Urban Escrima – a martial art for self-defence – at London Fields Fitness Studio. We started our training sessions and workshops around six years ago. Some of our work is with weapons such as sticks, but everything has an unarmed version, too.

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Nightclub Workshop

Thank you to everyone who came to the Urban Escrima Nightclub Workshop at the excellent Roadtrip and the Workshop Bar in Old Street. What a day. We had so much fun and we hope you did to.

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Weapons Training London
By GM Steve Tappin

A longer post than usual as there is no short answer to this question – read on if you have the time – Moral obligations of training with weapons! I have often been asked is it morally right to teach weapons in martial arts? In short yes, but to satisfy the question honestly covers several points.

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