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Here is what happened when I spent a weekend at a Martial Arts Seminar – Catherine Webb


Urban Escrima Self Defence London Seminar
Urban Escrima Escrima Concepts Grading in London

Article by Catherine Webb Assistant Instructor at Urban Escrima

Ever wanted to spend a weekend at a martial arts seminar? Pack the arnica, you’ll need it.

Day 1. 12 p.m. Injuries: none. Actually, technically there’s still a healing scar across my forehead from when I hit myself in the face with my own palm stick two weeks ago. For the sake of my ego, I should point out that I only hit myself to avoid hitting a man 5 grades lower than me after he charged forward in a way that would have ended badly. Just saying. Heroic, sacrificial face-gash….

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Nightclub Self-Defence Workshop
Urban Escrima night club self defence poster

We will be running a Nightclub Self-Defence Workshop on Saturday 5th October from 11.00am – 2.00pm at Roadtrip and The Workshop Bar, 243 Old Street EC1V 9EY.

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