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Urban Escrima Newsletter October 2012

Here is the latest issue of the Urban Escrima Newsletter. This newsletter will go out on a monthly basis. At the moment it is only 2 pages, however we hope to increase page numbers with the next few issues.

If there is anything that you would like us to discuss or talk about in future issues, please let us know.


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Six tips to think about when walking home at night

Do you feel insecure when you are walking home at night? Have you thought about what you would do if something does happen to you? Most people do not think about personal safety until something happens to them and by then, it is too late.

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Know when to run

Know when to run? I can hear you now, “that’s not a very martial art thing to say is it?” – wrong, this is the most important advice any instructor can and should give. Martial arts of course are important in teaching self-defence strategies, however, one thing they are not so good at is teaching when to run.

There are many factors which play out when a situation or confrontation takes place and one of the skills of a martial artist is recognising when to run.

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Don’t carry a weapon? Check your bag!

Some time ago i had a conversation with Jenny, a female trainer who in her own words, stated “Escrima is not really relevant to me as i cannot imagine getting into a situation where weapons will be involved, let alone carry any with me” so was this really the system for her?

While we can never know if or when we will get into situations where weapons are involved, that does not mean we should discount weapons training completely, right?

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