Whether you are a complete beginner or have experience we offer classes to suit all. Our Instructors will help you progress through the Escrima Concepts system and gradings.

To start your training, book your taster session now, this will cover the basic principles of Escrima Concepts. This will give you an opportunity to ask questions, get a better idea of the training, get a feel of the club and see if you like the vibe before joining.

The training is extremely relevant for the streets we all walk upon today. The instructors are experts in their field, friendly and provide a calm and relaxed environment to train in. A joy to be part of


Been going to classes for about half a year now and absolutely love it. Very supportive environment with a great group of guys and women helping you every step of the way.
You change partners often during the class and get to work with everyone. I've definitely been feeling a lot more confident in myself and being out in about in London since taking the classes too - so would highly recommend!


Fantastic group, trainers know what they do, the club is welcoming and very supportive; everyone is friendly and there's no ego trips. Highly Recommend.


I think there are two things I like most about training. The first is that, even within certain techniques, everyone does it in a slightly different way. I really appreciate this, as it both broadens your options and simultaneously forces you to learn how to read whoever you’re working with. For example, when sparring with one student, over time you come to notice that he’s good with his live hand and always steps through, which in turn forces you to change what you do. But when sparring with another, you realise that this student always does smaller, tighter moves, and doesn’t necessarily put in his live hand, or only does on certain shots. It’s such a flexible, friendly environment that you can actually get to think about, not merely what you’re doing, but what everyone else does and how that might affect you – and I really like that. The other thing I love is the technical nitty gritty; I really enjoy that moment when you suddenly understand how doing something simple, can lead to something devastating.


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