How do I join?
To join, simply go through the registration steps via the ‘Join Now’ link at the top of the home page.

When is my first payment due?
Your first payment will be within 4 to 7 days of your sign up, you will be notified of the exact date by email. (Please check your junk folder)

Can I pay cash for monthly memberships?
No, monthly memberships need to be paid via direct debit.

When is my annual insurance due?
Your public liability insurance is renewed every November and your £20 payment is due prior to October 15th.

Other than my monthly membership fee what do I pay to join?
Everyone will need to pay the joining fee and annual insurance every October.

Can I borrow sticks for my taster session?
Yes, you may borrow sticks for your taster session. Once you are a member you can purchase sticks from us.

Do I need protective gear?
We recommend protective wear such as goggles, gloves and gum shields to all students. 

What should I wear for my training session?
Comfortable gym clothes should suffice.  Members can purchase our training t-shirts for their regular sessions.

What happens if I’m late for class?
Please try to arrive early for your session as it is important that you participate in the class warm up to reduce injury risk. However, we know sometimes lateness cannot be avoided so please discreetly let your instructor know you have arrived.

How do I cancel my membership?
Please email for membership cancellations.

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